15 Nail Designs for summer

Summer nails. Is there anything more extravagant than beautiful nail art? Consider yourself getting ready for a party where all your friends will show up; you will wear a beautiful dress with a nice pair of shoes and some amazing jewelry. But, having done all the preparations, it will still blot your personality if haven’t got a design on your nails. Colorful nails are catchy in their appearance. They attract onlookers due to their bright textures and beautiful designs engraved on them.

Well, when it comes to nails, anything can inspire you. It could be nature, art, science, or anything else. Here we have discussed 15 best nail designs which you can opt to enhance your makeup.

Graduated and floral.
Floral, Neon Leopard, Gradient and Splatter Nails.

Everybody loves flowers. Their bright colors mesmerize us all. The fact is that you can have floral nails all year round, but summer is the best time of the year for you to go for them. Floral nails go best with the vibrant clothes you wear during the summer days.

If you are up to try something different then neon leopard nail art is for you. With a vibrant background, you can have multicolored cheetah prints at the top. Go funky and classy at the same time. You can add artistic improvisations by choosing a different color for every individual nail.

Try a little abstract art over your nails. Apply a base color first, then splash different color nail polishes one after the other. Stop splashing them when you add enough colors as per your likings. You can remove the polish from your fingers using a nail remover.

Add some gradient to slosh life to your nail designs. You can combine two, or more than two, colors to give a perfect gradient to your perfect nails. On the upper half of the nail apply one color and on the lower apply the other. Then use a soft sponge to integrate both the colors from the center and get a perfection combination of light and dark colors.

Chevrons and Fruit.

Add zigzag patterns to your nails. You can carry them anywhere with any attire. The process to paint chevron on your nails is extremely simple. First, cut small zigzag patterns of a striping tape and paste them on your nails. Then paint your nail thoroughly with one color. Then remove the tape and fill the unpainted spots with a different color from the initial one. There you have it, a beautiful chevron nail art.

Social media craze has taken everyone by a storm. They have paved their path into nail art world as well. Tell the world about your favorite connectivity sites by painting their logos on your nails. Wish you had more than ten fingers.

Go artistic with your nail designs by drawing different fruits on them. You can draw strawberries, pineapples, oranges, and other fruits of your likings. Fruits have striking colors. You can enjoy a contrast of colors on your nails if you paint one fruit on your one nail and the other fruit on the other nail.

Bleached neon nails are single colored extremely popular these days. These colors glow in the dark which add to their charm. You can further your nail’s aesthetic by introducing glitters and stones on them. With beautiful colors and elegant surface finish, bleached neon is perfect for all sorts of parties. At day, it will look radiant and at night, it will glow in the dark, making you the focal point of everyone around you.


Polka Dots and Nautical.

Polka dots look cute and beautiful where ever they might be. When designed on your nails they add charm and adorability to your personality. A two-step approach is needed to paint polka dots on your nails. Paint your nail with the base color first and then use a different color to add dots on the top at random distances.

One of the major trending nail arts is nautical design. You can draw anchors and ship wheels on different nails. You can choose multiple color options to increase gradient of your designs. However, the best color options are blue and red as they intuition the thoughts related to water and sea.

Tropical nail arts include the ideas related to beaches, palm trees, and romantic sunsets. You can paint tropical trees, suns, birds, tropical flowers, and other bright colors on your nails to welcome summer the way possible.

If you love to go on safari tours during the summers then you should draw safari nail arts to show it to the world. Draw different animals, trees, and sunsets make your nails look extravagant. This needs care and precision as little loss of focus could ruin your painting and you’ll need to put all the effort from the start.

If you like smooth colors and want to carry them this summer, then you should definitely go for pastel nail designs. The beauty of the uniformity and finish of pastel nails is second to none. Light blue, pink, dull parrot are few of the colors added to this category.

Monochromatic Nail Art

If you don’t like smooth colors and want something vibrant and eye-catching then you should get monochromatic nail color. A single color with additional ornamentation and extra finish looks amazingly fancy. You can carry it to a summer party to gather attention and praise from everyone inside your circles.

This one is for those superhero fangirls who love them with all their heart. With Avengers making great success as a team, you can honor them by having them on your nails. Polish a different superhero on each nail and play your part in ensuring the safety of the whole world, just like your favorite heroes do.

Your nails form a huge part of your personality just like your hair, makeup, your dress, or your shoes. They can add to or reduce the beauty of your hands. Summer comes with short clothes which expose your hands to everyone, all the time. With hot days looming ahead, you should be well prepared with your nails, before time, to enjoy the coming days, partying.



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