Summer Nails.

15 Nail Designs for summer

Summer nails. Is there anything more extravagant than beautiful nail art? Consider yourself getting ready for a party where all […]

Nail soak.

Removing Gel Nail Polish At Home

Gel nail polish is known for its long lasting nature and its shiny and glossy finish. This is the reason […]

Glass nail file.

Glass Nail Files.

When it comes to nail care, there is nothing as adaptable and functional as a glass nail file. They are […]


False Nails for Nail Biting Prevention.

Nail biting is seen to be as a very bad habit. Though this habit is not only seen with kids. […]

Nail Art.

Nail designs and nail art is our forte. Take a look around, you’ll find everything you’ll need to make the ends of your fingers or toes look spectacular or demure or festive or whatever style you want to achieve. The main gallery is split in 6 categories. Sparkly is for when you want to stand out from the crowd. Elegant is for when you need something a bit more subtle for a wedding or formal event.

Go Girly for everything cutesy and pretty. Festive has nail art for special times of the year like Christmas and Halloween. Flowers are a common theme for nail designs so we gave them a whole category to themselves. Lastly Colorful, well we’re sure you’ll work that one out.