Shiny prom Nails.

Sparkly, Glittery or Shiny.

Sometimes only some sparkles will do. There are very few
occasions that do not call for a little bit of something shiny. We are all like the magpies when it comes to nail art designs. Anything with beads or glitter or gems or anything gleaming it will find its way here.

Wedding Nails and Other Special Occasions.

Elegant, Subtle or Exquisite

Going somewhere special or important that needs something a little understated? Somewhere like a wedding where you certainly can not outshine the Bride or a particularly formal event where gaudy is out? Then this is the section that is especially for you.

Colorful Nails.

Eyecatching with Bright Colors.

Looking for something ablaze with radiant color? Bright and summery, intense spring like, golden autumnal or glistening wintry hues? Then this collection is where you need to be. You might even want to go full on with a combination of them all.

Lily nail design.


We see flowers everywhere, they are a symbol of new growth and health. In the springtime they give a majestic display of vibrancy while some bloom in to the summer and at other times. The shape of flowers lends itself particularly well to nail art.

Get your girly on.

Girly and Cute.

Lip gloss pinks and sugar plum purples. Little fluffy creatures, polka dots and hearts. We are all a little girl somewhere in our hearts and sometimes she wants to paint your nails. Let her look through these examples for inspiration and let her have a go.


Seasonal and Festive.

The Holiday Season, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day, New Years Eve etc etc. All these annual events are usually accompanied by a party and it is terribly bad for to show up at a Christmas or Halloween party without the appropriate finger or toe nails.

Summer Nails.

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Nail soak.

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Glass nail file.

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False Nails for Nail Biting Prevention.

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Nail Art.

Nail designs and nail art is our forte. Take a look around, you’ll find everything you’ll need to make the ends of your fingers or toes look spectacular or demure or festive or whatever style you want to achieve. The main gallery is split in 6 categories. Sparkly is for when you want to stand out from the crowd. Elegant is for when you need something a bit more subtle for a wedding or formal event.

Go Girly for everything cutesy and pretty. Festive has nail art for special times of the year like Christmas and Halloween. Flowers are a common theme for nail designs so we gave them a whole category to themselves. Lastly Colorful, well we’re sure you’ll work that one out.

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