User Gallery

Marble with a Gold BBand.

By Janine
A slender gold band crosses the nail laterally with a simple yet effective marble-effect background in black, white, and gray.

Simple rose pattern.

By Admin
Pale Blue on all but the ring finger which is white with a rose that has a slight blue tinge.

Just Do It.

By Admin
A tribute to Nike of the fingernail variety. Just do it.

Tips of Gold.

By Mandi Robinson
Delightful shiny nails with gold tips.

Middle two fingers adorned with a red poppy.

By Jennifer Lance
Poppies make a lovely addition to the central two fingernails. The outer fingers complement the petals with a similar color.

Fungi Nails.

By Louise Ellis
An unusual design of four different colored mushrooms and toadstools.

Lilac Hologram.

By Isla Melley
A semi-transparent hologrammatic effect with a lilac tinge.

exclusive beige blue manicure

By Isaac Mat
Midnight blue with an abstract floral motif that gives a Victorian era feel to the whole ensemble.

Dinosaurs at your Fingertips.

By Sebastien Flick
Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl all applied to an innovative design that you won’t find in the same room at the same time.

Hidden Depths.

By Andrea
A crystalline effect that’s like looking through the fingertips to deep below.

Hearts in Black

By Sharon Price
Heart as black as soot, as the saying goes. Speckled with a light dusting.

White Flowers on Claret

By Sarah
A deep purple or claret basecoat with delicate white flowers and tiny gems.