Glass Nail Files.

Glass nail files.When it comes to nail care, there is nothing as adaptable and functional as a glass nail file. They are quite fashionable tools and have recently taken the market by storm. As a result, everybody seems to be using only glass nail files these days. Do you too love the way these tools are making it big in the manicure business? Then here you can learn a few things about them. Here is a guide that will take you through the world of glass nail files.


It was 1930’s Switzerland where the idea first originated and even patented. The technology of the glass making was not ready to take on the rigors of filing nails and the resulting products were too fragile. Fast forward sixty years and an area of the Czech Republic that has a long tradition of fine glassmaking developed a process for the production of a much stronger glass that had the properties required to perform as a nail file. Although the process has been exported to other parts of the world, genuine Czech products still command a premium price.

Safety and Durability

Glass files are not indestructible but can usually survive a modest fall onto even the hardest surface. Due the thermal hardening process and turned edges any breaks that do occur won’t normally produce splinters or sharp points. In terms of product longevity they are second to none. Cardboard files will obviously wear fairly quickly but even metal ones wear much quicker than the new hardened glass. If you don’t drop it from too high up and you could end up with one for years.

Care and Maintenance.

Well very little, really, rinse with a bit of water and leave to dry should be sufficient. To be extra thorough, a nail brush and an antibacterial liquid should take out any festering organic matter. Rinse everything thoroughly making it as good as new. The part of the production process that produces the rough abrasive edge is chemical etching using strong acid producing relatively uniform and tiny spikes that are formed between tiny dents from the action of the acid. The upshot of all that is the extremely durable nature of the files edge.


How do glass nail files work?

Glass nail files can be used like ordinary nail files. Gently rub them against the nails in order to shape them. The work done by these files is generally faster than ordinary nail files. On top of that, it is very gentle. You will find that though it is highly abrasive and gives great results sooner but it minimizes harm your nails or cuticles. In fact, the main purpose of these files is to simply look after the nails and even help them grow properly. This happens because the surface of these files is quite unique and tends not harm the skin around the nails while giving you the perfect finish.

Why should you use glass nail files and not emery boards or metal files?

Well, it is because you don’t want to harm your nails. Glass nail files are well known for only ‘shaping’ the nails. They do not have any other effects that may harm your nails or the skin around them. However, if you use emery boards, they may become quite a headache, they are normally very rough. On the other hand, metal nail files, do a lot of unnecessary damage to your nails. It is because of this that it would be better to buy a glass nail file in order to make your nails look beautiful and also help them stay healthy all the while.

To add a bit of interest and fashion most files today are made of colored glass, all over or graduated, or both or multicolored. Some are hand painted or printed on and some of the most exclusive ones from well known crystal merchants like Swarovski have inlaid crystals.

Remember, glass nail files are a safer option as compared with others. They might be a little expensive to buy, but they are value for money and last a really long time if they get looked after.

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