Shiny Nail Ideas Gallery – Section Four.

Everyone wears French tips, red or black nails, and simple stripes. There are many alternatives along the less trodden path, it’s time we thought outside the box! Mix colors you’d never think of combining, try patterns you might take a couple of attempts to perfect. Face your fears and be prepared to take risks.

Holographic Teddies.Golden Pattern.Nails with a row of white gems.Plain Gold Nail polish..Gold nails with purple stripes.Glitter swirls on stiletto shaped nails.Heart shaped gems glued onto short nails.Geometrically spaced glass beads.Shiny fingernails with an eye motif.Full on glitter.Matte and shine and glitter combine..Bright pink with a splash of silver.Ombre nails in purple and silver.French tips, flower and a sparkly base.Shiny kiss.

Mix and max styles to keep it interesting and unique. Some examples here aren’t exactly something you’d wear to a wedding but some truly are! Browsing and utilizing this gallery will help you open up and try new things. See how far you can push your abilities.

Holographic Teddies.
  • Celestial Teddy Bears.

You’ll love these to the moon and back! Blue and sparkles remind us of the night sky, the stars perfect the theme. Intricate but cute, and great to show off on Instagram and Pinterest.

Golden Pattern.
  • Shiny Diamante Design.

A little bit of sparkly diamond can go a long way. Nude nails are nice, but they can get boring. Add scaly sparkles to spice things up. They’re a little above-and-beyond, so adding them to only a couple of nails is the perfect touch. It’s not plain, but it’s also not overdoing it.

Nails with a row of white gems.
  • Varied Design.

Awesome purple to flattering jewels in an intricate pattern, worth splurging on if you want a professional to help. The colors all match and stay pretty neutral so they go with most clothes and colors, although interesting clothes fit them best.

Plain Gold Nail polish..
  • Pink and Gold.

Pink and gold go together astonishingly well. They’re both bright colors, and there’s a girlie vibe to both colors. But most of us don’t think of combining sparkles with bright colors, so we miss the opportunity to use both. Worth an experimental attempt.

Gold nails with purple stripes.
  • Black and Gold Make Good Bed Fellows.

Black and gold are pretty much the most well-loved color combination ever and stripes are easily made effective. Add sparkles for fun and the black has a tint of purple to jazz it up.

Glitter swirls on stiletto shaped nails.
  • Swirly.

Why get super long fake claws if you’re not willing to use them to their fullest potential? Painting swirls in clear varnish allowing sprinkled glitter to stick in the desired areas then protect the effect with a topcoat.

Heart shaped gems glued onto short nails.
  • Hearts on Your Nails.

Painting hearts on your nails for Valentine’s Day is typical, too typical. Add a unique touch for this season of love. 3D bubbles and glitter do wonders, but you need some glue-on hearts to push it even further. Not forgetting the polka dots to perfect the look.

Geometrically spaced glass beads.
  • Regimented Gem Patterns.

Black, white, and silver in these stylish patterns make you look like the classiest person around. The colors are bold but familiar, the patterns are subtle and unique.

Shiny fingernails with an eye motif.
  • Eyes and Fingers.

Painting something super-cool on one finger and keeping the rest plain makes the cool part stand out. These eyes are very cool and good for DIY training. Use a fine brush and small but purposeful strokes.

Full on glitter.
  • Glitter as Far as the Eye can See.

Douse each finger in glitter that you either sprinkle on or dip tacky fingertips into. Make your nails long for bonus glitter.

Matte and shine and glitter combine..
  • Unusual.

Using girlie colors, jewels, and microbead sparkles, you have cool, interesting nails. They almost look edible, with the ring finger looking like something found in a sci-fi movie. Cool enough to be reserved for special occasions or worn to be shown off and posted online.

Pink and silver.
Ombre nails in purple and silver.
French tips, flower and a sparkly base.
Shiny kiss.

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