False Nails for Nail Biting Prevention.

Nail biting.Nail biting is seen to be as a very bad habit. Though this habit is not only seen with kids. Adults are also prone to biting their nails. As a result, their nails get shortened and they finally refuse to grow up. There are serious consequences if your nails don’t grow. Especially for women, it becomes a trauma not to have long and beautiful nails that they can paint the way they like. Though we do not think it through while biting our nails, it only becomes visible when we really need to decorate our nails and look good. When it is a prom night or a date or even your wedding, you will miss your nails a lot. So stop biting them right away.

However, it is not easy to stop the habit if it’s ingrained. But did you know that painting your nails or wearing false nails can also help prevent you from biting your nails? Here are some tips that may actually work.

Nail Polish.

If you still have something left, better apply some nail polish to it. The reason behind this is that nail polish will make your nails appear brighter and more desirable. Therefore, you will get a psychological hint that you don’t have to bite them. Moreover, when you go to a salon for an expensive manicure, you should better not bite your nails for another month and that time is sufficient to grow your nails back.

False Nails.

They are such great ways to stop nail biting. You don’t even have to do much about them. Just get some really beautiful acrylic nails and paste them onto your natural nails. These work great for those people who have barely visible nails. You must paste them at the base of the nail to get the best results. Then, when all is done, you simply have to color them in any way you like and you will again get beautiful nails. You won’t be able to chew them off anyway. They are colorful, beautiful and quite durable. Therefore, they are not going anywhere for quite some time and this time is enough for your natural nails to grow. Plus, the illusion of longer nails and the ability to paint them and decorate them the way you like, will encourage you a lot to stop nail biting and grow your nails instead.


This is quite unpleasant stuff, but it really works for stubborn nail biters. So put some fake nails on and apply a solution of Bitrex. It tastes so foul that you would dare not bite your nails again. Plus, it lasts. Sorry, but there’s no other way for some people.


Most of the people that bite their nails do it when they are under stressful conditions. Therefore, if you remove the stress you’ll remove the need to to bite your nails. Try some meditation or yoga.

Get regular manicures.

When you develop the habit of getting regular manicures, you obviously become more conscious of your nails and this helps in making your nails grow longer. It obviously feels so bad to see the lady sitting next to you getting some gel manicure on her long nails if yours are little stubs.

Punishment and reward system.

Use a rubber band strap to snap it when you bite your nails. Keep a diary of how many times you bite your nails in a day and what triggered each biting session. At the end of a week, you will get to know the major triggers. Now simply avoid or tackle those situations.   When you are successful, treat yourself with a new nail color or a manicure or your favorite dessert. If you fail then simply do something that doesn’t please you much. Opt for doing the dinner dishes for the family and pledge again that you would not be doing anything like that ever again. You will have beautiful nails within a few days.


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